Union Industry (Hong Kong) Holding Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive supply chain service company with entity factories providing quality-added services. Union Industry is committed to promoting the medium and small manufacturing factories in the regions of China and Southeast Asia, etc. to the customers in the manufacturing industry with annual sales amount above USD 1 billion in USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, which are usually among the top 500 in the world, the top 500 in USA or Europe, in a hope to become a long and strategic supplier of these companies.


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1 stands for logistics:

Union Industry can arrange the logistic services for the whole distribution process from the supplier factory – export port – oversea port – warehouse – customer.

5 stands for 5 core services:

  • ■ Local service:

    There are presale and after-sale service personnel in the places where customers are located.

  • ■ Manufacturing management support:

    Input continuously for automated equipment and lean production improvement, promote informatized management, construct a world-class manufacturing base and a manufacturing management team, create a manufacturing system of Union Industry, demonstrate the ability of the manufacturing management, manufacturing management talent output to the supply partners according to the needs, help the supply partners rise to the level as required by customers.

  • ■ R & D:

    There are perfect R & D facilities, personnel and system with the ability to participate in customer new product R & D and independent intellectual property right R & D. In Taiwan, a specialized team with oversea study and work experience is responsible for project management.

  • ■ Financial support:

    In the earlier stage (before product mass production), raise the equipment and technical ability of the supply partners through capital investment in key equipment and dedicated equipment and raise the quality ability correspondingly to satisfy the needs of customers. In the later stage (after product mass production), provide multiple forms of financial support to the supply partners and pay for goods earlier than the date as required by customers.

  • ■ High quality:

    Manage own and supplier partners’ quality according to TS16949 standard. Extend the application of the production, technical and quality ability to the supply partners, guide the supply partners for improvement, utilize the means of internet, internet of things, etc. for constant quality and technical innovations, establish a specialized team to help the supply partners promote the EHS management.


LG #1 Outstanding Partner Awards

photo with Stefano Balzardi on WHP Supplier Day meeting

Whirlpool Partner In-Progress Awards

To become a reliable international partner offering localized service, R&D, quality control, manufacturing management and financial support, integrated manufacturing resources and outstanding comprehensive customer service.

LG Electronics Number 1 Outstanding Partner

In recognition outstanding performance and commutment LG Electronics 2013 LG Electronics Procurement Center Presented to UNION INDUSTRY(ASIA)CO.,LTD July.1.2014

Partners Progress Awards